What should I look for when selecting a injury lawyer?

You want a lawyer who only handles personal injury matters.  David Downs is a full time personal injury attorney.  He does not handle anything but serious injury and death cases.  You also want your lawyer to be local.  You want to be able to meet your lawyer face to face and ask him your questions. David Downs knows the Four Corners area well and meets with you personally on your case.

Do I have to pay any money to meet with you to start my case?

There is absolutely no charge to sit and visit with me about your potential case.  Once you are satisfied that I am the right attorney for your loss, then I will proceed with your case on a contingency fee.  That means I only charge a fee if you receive a recovery.  No recovery, No fee!  If there are court costs and case expenses needed to properly prepare your case, I will pay those up front and then take them out of the settlement.

What happens when you take my case?

Once I take your case, the first thing I do is stop the insurance companies from calling or writing to you about your case.  The last thing you need while you are injured is some unknown insurance adjuster pestering you and asking questions to try and confuse you about your rights.  I generally let my clients talk to the insurance company if it is about getting their car repaired, a rental car or a check for their totaled vehicle.  I will not let the adjuster ask you about your current health, work status or medical bills.

Your job is to get better!  I will work on getting your case ready while you are healing.  Once we know that you are better or at a point where you are ready to proceed with your case, I will then make a demand on the insurance company for your loss which covers several elements of damages such as: pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical bills, disfigurement, impairment, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium and lost wages. Each case is different and I am personally available for any questions you have at any time!

Will you win my case?

Each case has its own facts and applicable law.  I am an experienced personal injury attorney and will do my best to represent you. While I am aggressive, confident and experienced, there are no guarantees of how your case will turn out.  However, that is why you pay your personal injury attorney on a contingency or percentage basis…I don’t get paid unless you get paid!  

What Do I Do When I Have A Question?

You can call me personally.  If I’m not immediately available because I’m in a meeting or out of the office, you can visit with one of my legal assistants who know  general answers about your case. Specific questions are best answered by me and I make it a point to call my clients back when they have questions and make certain they are answered.

Can You Lend Me Money?

Colorado has specific laws that make it illegal for an attorney to lend money to a client.  I am allowed to advance the costs incurred in getting your case ready for settlement or trial.  Stay away from law firms that try and lend you money as it is unethical and illegal.  If you are having problems with creditors and medical collection departments, call me.  I will be happy to call or write them and explain your situation and that you have a personal injury matter pending.  Often I can get the collection agencies to give you more time to pay your bills or to even wait until you get a settlement or judgment. 

What is a Statute of Limitations?

Depending on the type of personal injury claim, you have certain limited time to settle or bring a lawsuit against the negligent person or entity.  If you miss the time period, your case is over and you lose your rights to ever bring the claim or suit.

As soon as you are injured or discover you are injured call me immediately to get answers.  Generally, automobile accidents have a three year statute of limitations.  Slip and fall or premises case generally have a two year limitations.  Medical malpractice claims are extremely tricky!  They have a strict two year limitations with certain exceptions.  When your limitations period begins can also be confusing because there are facts than can change the way the limitations period is calculated. Call me as soon as you believe you have been wronged to discuss your rights.

What if the driver who crashed into me has no insurance?

In Colorado, this is very common.  Many drivers do not carry insurance even though it is required by law. If they are uninsured and they crash into you, I will help you recover on any uninsured motorist coverage you may have.  Call me at no charge 970-247-8020 or email me and I can review your car policy to see how best to proceed.

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